Darlasredpoodles - Life time Companions
.Thanks to all my returning customer's for their future family members . Having another litter due Dec 18 th 2014 from Scarlett and Rocky.

..All pups sold limited unless agreed upon on contract . 
 The breeding of all reds to red  are Scarlett Ruby Magic and Lemars Red  Rocket Of Fire .They are always so dark red and are holding color. And all testing done on both parents .
 You can call for more info these poodles make the best hunting and therapy dogs I have donated to sugar dogs as they have the best noses for the diabetic person to know when sugar is to low on the person and can alert them. .
To purchase pup there will be a five hundred dollar deposit non refundable for full registration $ 3,000 and for limited is $ 2,000 starting in October  2014.
 All pups to be paid in full 10 days prior to pic up and all shipping arrangement's. have to be made by purchaser. Dogs that are sold full registration all sign contracts to do all testing necessary for greater dogs all to be done before 26 months of age .No exceptions only go by contracts to keep order in the well fare of breeding these marvels'  dogs. And no dogs to be breed before 2 years of age and all testing done period.NO EXCEPTIONS   


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