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Disney out of my
Disney out of my
Scarlett & Rocky breeding
She is beautiful
She is beautiful
She did good at show in Canada
But she was happier as a family member
But she was happier as a family member
She was spayed Jan 2016
Her career was short but am proud
Her career was short but am proud
of her beauty and grace
Hi Darla - this is Latka. I was born in your home. My birth mom is Scarlett, my dad Leon, but my real mom is Julie Burger. Tomorrow is my Birthday (5/3/13), I will be 1 years old. Thank you for giving me birth! I absolutely love my home. My mom, Julie, is the most loving mom ever. She buys me natural, organic food, and I get lots of cookies, toys, and bones. She won't let me have any rawhide or anything bad for me. I sleep with her in the bed every night. When her boyfriend is over (Paul), I have to move to the foot of the bed but it's okay, I love him too. He plays with me and takes me for walks all of the time. My life is beautiful. My mom takes me to the dog park every day. Twice a week I go to Day Care and play all day long. Also, my mom takes me to the Beach every Sunday. I go in the water but only up to my paws. I do not swim yet. Paul said he is going to teach me how to swim real soon. My mom makes me go to the groomer every 6-8 weeks. I really do not like going there but she is so happy how I look afterwards. I smell nice and she gives me lots of hugs and kisses. Basically, I do everything my mom says. I did get into her shoes a couple of times and the bathroom garbage...she did not like that. Everywhere my mom takes me, people stop to pet me, talk to me, and ask all about me. I hear them asking what kind of dog I am, where did I come from, and comment how handsome I am. My mom gets tired of telling everyone I am a Standard Poodle NOT a golden doodle. In fact, she wants to put a t shirt on me that says "I am a poodle, not a doodle!!!". Silly, huh?! I am told by everyone I have the best temperament ever. I am very docile. No need to be hyper, bark a lot, or be wild. I am a happy, mellow dog. I smile a lot and give my mom kisses. She likes that. I definitely got great genes from Scarlett and Leon.
Here are a few pics of me. I weight 50 lbs now. You told my mom I would probably be 60 lbs but I am not that big.
Thanks again for giving me life and making my mom the happiest person EVER!!! She adores me!!!!!
P.S. she keeps talking about getting me a brother to play with…..
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